Glock Factory Colored Magazine


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Glock Factory Magazines In Color! 

Available for all 9mm Glock handguns, now in colors matching the OD Green and Flat Dark Earth Frames.

Compatible with all generations - Glock Gen 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Currently available in 9mm only.

15 Round fits flush in the Glock 19, will also work in Glock 26 
17 Round fits flush in Glock 17, will also work in Glock 19 & 26
33 Round sticks out of all Glock frames but will fit and function in all 9mm Glock handguns.


These are NEW Glock Factory magazines that are Gen4/5 compatible and fit and function in all Glock handguns. 

Everybody needs magazines. In fact, you can never have enough! These are Glock factory, latest generation handgun magazines. Each are drop free, metal lined, brand new. If the magazine is longer than the grip it will protrude from the grip as is the case with the 17 round 9mm if fitted into the G19 or the G26. In this case, we suggest the Magazine Sleeve for better ergonomics and a cleaner appearance.

Please note: Gen 4 magazines must be used in Gen 4/5 guns only if the magazine release is switched from the left side to the right side (for left-handed shooters). In any other case all previous generation magazines will fit the Gen 4/5 and all Gen 4 magazines will fit all Glocks from previous generations.